As she reminisces on the flirtations of last evening, she reimagines romance in every corner of her summer surroundings.

The sunshine touching her skin fills her heart with brightness and she suppresses a coy smile looking at a pair of birds fly by. She sits by the waterfall taking in its timelessness, her mind submerged in thoughts of the playful banter with him. She runs across the valley, taking in its lush beauty and the astonishing view of the sky stark between the gigantic mountains. She lies under a wild tree, staring at the sheer white clouds betraying hints of sunlight; she stares amazed at the mysteries of last evening. A gush of wind poetically shakes the branches and a thousand petals fall upon her, celebrating her state of mind and the beautiful romance in the air. She walks home through the narrow woods, the playful flirtation now a memory of burning passion, a blushing thought now fiery red. Little butterflies flutter by, revealing the vulnerability of the moment. She sits by her window, picturing the snowfilled days back in her city home, newfound beauty in every flake, the white landscapes serene through her rosy vision.